create the life and business you want in 60 days

By bringing together the practical tools of business and the energetic intuitive to create a life and business that is on purpose, connected, filled with ease, direction, guidance, and flowing in the abundance that  meets every need. 
Connect to your higher self
Accelerate the money you need to do what you love
Have all the clients you need
Be in the right place at the right time with focused intent
Activate the health & wellness that is yours to enjoy
Create the business that reflects your purpose, and your energetic/intuitive connection

‘Holistic practitioners don’t need cookie cutter strategies.’

Live Life

What we Offer

Intuitive Business Mastery

create a clear road-map to work with more clients, bring your message to more people, and release the flow ofabundance to keep doing what you love to do.

Guided & Intuitive Coaching

bring the science of business into your energetic intuitive space, to activate a business that is beyond what most people experience.

Steps to tap into your Inner Guidance

to create the health and wealth that is yours to create, integrate the wisdom of your Inner Guidance into your business

Health & Wellness Activation Sessions

Release pain, move with ease, regenerate and reprogram at a cellular level, and embrace a sense of calm, ease, comfort and freedom.

Create Life

Transformation Coaching

Break though the roadblocks, reshape the deal breakers that hijack your health & wealth.

Be part of an elite group of practitioners mastering the balance of ‘the business’ and energetic space. 

Accelerate your business with a clear message that reflects your energetic connection.

Get consistent results with focused, guided and intentional action.

Personalised and Group Sessions

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Shift your holistic practice from being seen as alternative to mainstream.

More than a mastermind group, join with practitioners committed  to shifting the perception of holistic health and wellness options.

Create new, direct, and guided focus for your business.

Design innovative connections to shift perceptions.

JV with other practitioners to create unique events and experiences for your clients.

‘Take the woo woo out of what you do’ 

With the Govt cutting health rebates for over 18 ‘alternative’ health and wellness options, be part of a proactive, guided, motivated group of practitioners who are committed to being the first choice for health and wellness. 

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Shift the roadblocks

Create your life your way.

  • Clarity
  • Ease
  • Comfort
  • Direction
  • Purpose

Personalised transformation sessions.

Intuitive Life Patterning –   become the vibrational heartbeat of your business. 

Activate the health and wellness that is held in the cellular memory of the body, the emotions, the thoughts and the energetic part of self.

When we continue to isolate all of self from our health and wellness, we often remain in a place of dis-ease, pain, loss of movement or with an overall general feeling of being unwell, or ‘just not right.’

A holistic approach to health and wellness, intuitive energy work, can create the shifts you desire. 

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Transformation Coaching

Personalised & Individual Mentoring

Group coaching

Think Tanks

‘Accountability’ Coaching

Strategy Sessions

Workshops & Events

Live beyond the moment.

Live without the conditions, the should do’s, the must haves, the I need to, and stand in a place of ease and comfort, of knowing beyond knowing, creating the business that is uniquely yours to create. 

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