About Intuitive Life Patterning

Intuitive Life Patterning is the name given to describe the method of guided and intuitive coaching and health activation Rochelle offers.

Intuitive Life Patterning recognises the brains imprinting of patterns and behaviours formed from experience and knowledge that affect our health wealth and relationships both positively and negatively and our connection to Source Energy (God, The Universe – which ever name works for you).

In the connection and recognition of our higher self, or our intuitive self and in connecting to and activating the Source energy (or God factor as the scientists call it) in all that we do, we can create a life that is more dynamic, filled with ease and comfort, and which give us what we desire.

It is not a modality and it is not dependent on the energy of another or the experiencing of another’s energy or belief system. It is an embracing of all that is you and all that is outside of you in the fullness and purity of the energy that is all things and creates all things.

Rochelle encourages you to step fully into whatever your spiritual or energetic beliefs are, and to connect to the energy that flows from those beliefs to create the health and wealth that is yours to create.  She stands as a bridge between you and Source, allowing the flow of giving and receiving, healing and guidance to activate the change, wellness, direction, and guidance that is uniquely yours to have.

She teaches holistic practitioners to bring the science of business into their energetic intuitive space, to activate a business that is beyond what most people experience.

‘Holistic practitioners don’t need cookie cutter strategies.’

Working as a holistic practitioner, she offers Health & Wellness Activation sessions to encourage the body to release pain, move with ease, regenerate and reprogram at a cellular level, and embrace a sense of calm, ease, comfort and freedom.

About Rochelle

Rochelle is the founder of Jewel House, Jewel House Publishing, and Rochelle McDonnell Transformation Coaching.  After experiencing a profound healing which changed her life, open and guided energetically the guided messages received at that time formed the foundation teaching for peiec healing and the peiec approach.

Continuing to search for a deeper understanding of our connection to Source, God, The Universe, the spiritual and energetic principles of life itself, and the theological and energetic principles that underpin most of what we believe and do, Rochelle continued to receive guided messages and direction for her own personal journey and for others. She believes it is possible for everyone to receive guidance and direction (in whatever form it is given) for their own journey, health, wealth and life.

Working with holistic practitioners she began to see the gap between the science of business and the energetic intuitive guidance in business. Drawing on her experience in the corporate world, and her knowledge of business as a business coach, business owner, and her skills in business development and strategic planning, she has created a number of programs which support, teach and encourage practitioners to work in a way that is aligned and supportive of their spirit and values.

Author of several books and programs including the Weaving, Journey of Soul, Intuitive Business Mastery, Grow Connect Profit, Activation Meditations for Health & Wellness.

Co-Author of Five Songs of Purpose   In Silence and Stillness    Messages from Source    A Quiet Beauty

Co-Host of Living Well Radio

Appeared as a speaker at a number of events including Conscious Living Expo WA