Health & Wellness Activation Sessions is simply activating the health and wellness that is held in the cellular memory of the body, the emotions, the thoughts and the energetic part of self.
It is not a manipulation or movement of energy over the body (although that happens and people feel warmth, a breeze, a physical sensation) it is a holding of the energy that flows from Source for you.  I am simply a bridge between you and the source energy.
There is a raising of the vibration of the body at a cellular level, this higher vibration creates shifts and changes physically and brings release and relief.
When we continue to isolate all of self from our health and wellness, we often remain in a place of dis-ease, pain, loss of movement or with an overall general feeling of being unwell, or ‘just not right.’
Connecting with or tapping into, or activating the Source Energy that is part of who we are can create a dramatic shift in our health & wellness. 

A Holistic Energetic Intuitive Approach which can assist in;

Balancing the Physical

Reducing Stress & Anxiety

Bringing Relief at a Deep Cellular Level

Increasing a Sense of Well-being

Creating a sense of Calm & Relaxation

Releasing Energy Blocks

Increasing Movement

Easing Body Aches & Pains

Easing Discomfort

Releasing Tension

Health Activation & Connection Sessions
Horse & Rider

Having a connection with your horse that goes beyond the knowing place is something unique and sort after. 


Raising your awareness of the intuitive nature of your horse and its desire to connect with you, and showing you simple yet effective techniques to connect at a deeper level is part of what Rochelle offers.
Working with Valentino’s Sanctuary, Rochelle works intuitively in the connection of horse of rider, the energy within herds and enhancing the connection within the herd. 
“What I am learning in this space is the the energetic connection to all things, and the power of a herd connection energetically. Working with horse and rider in connecting from the heart and not the head, and the intuitive knowing that is so beautiful and dynamic between the horse and ‘its person’, is something wonderful. 
I have had the privilege of reconnecting a herd after the sudden death of one of the horses.
Assisting with movement and ease in the body through energy healing
Releasing muscle tension
And connecting with horses from ‘across the paddock’ and having them present to me the discomfort physically and the expression of  energetic discord within the herd”. 

What people say?

I’m not sure what you did the last time you had me on the table but things have definitely changed in my body. This cycle has been so different! No excruciating pain or need to take multiple painkillers to get relief so I can function, no nausea, extreme tiredness, or back pain at all, and what has previously been 10 days of agony, has been reduced to a more normal 5 days of healthy flow. I feel like a real person again! And so grateful to not have to put my life and clients on hold during this time anymore. Thankyou so so much!!!