Intuitive Life Patterning

Connecting with or tapping into, or activating the Source Energy that is part of who we are can create the life and business we desire. 

Intuitive Life Patterning is really a ‘label’ to satisfy the need to identify the ‘what and how’ I work.
There are so many ‘modalities’, beliefs, understandings that we need a ‘label’ a focus point to be able to hang something on, so we either accept or reject.
Many people teach and hold the understanding that there are two parts to who we are,the Lower and Higher Self.  The physical, what we see, and how we feel and what we think or believe are all wrapped up in the ‘physical’ label, and what is known, intuitively understood or held, is the second part of who we are.
It is in the physical part of self, the emotions we hold, and the thoughts that govern what we do, that we work conditionally in our life and business.
It is from this place we filter what we see, and react to the environment around us.
We forget, overlook or dismiss the spiritual, energetic, intuitive part of who we are.

We Are Part Of All Things

Given that science, philosophy, theology, (which forms the basis of most counselling and health and wellness programs)> speaks of a higher self, a knowing beyond knowing, a connection at an energetic place we have to consider that we are only partly living, when we avoid or dismiss this part of who we are.

We are energy, Source, God, The Universe (so many names to identity the ‘unknown’).

When we connect with, open up to, begin to explore the possibility that we are more that what is known and seen, things begin to change.

Not Bound byConditions

We are able to live beyond the moment, to see beyond what we see with our physical self to create the life we desire to have.

We are able to live without the conditions, the should do’s, the must haves, the I need to, and stand in a place of knowing beyond knowing.

Sounds idyllic and perhaps a little ‘out there’ yet this thought, or understanding, or desire, is held as truth by many people. It is all wrapped up in a label, and set neatly on a shelf, with its own conditions, rules and regulations holding it there.

Unconditional life, unconditional being and doing, is what flows from our connection to Source, God, The Universe, the energy that is all things and creates all things.

It is in that acceptance that we are part of all, that source energy (the God factor as the scientists call it) is part of who we are. Residing at a cellular level physically, it is the life force that is.
As holistic practitioners when we fully grasp that and begin to work in our business from the energetic intuitive part of self, things flow differently. 
You already do what you do from an energetic place, holistic is to look at the totality of things, to treat, give comfort and ease to all of self. It is not an isolation of symptoms or dis-ease, and yet as business owners we can tend to isolate our business (our holistic practice) from the energetic intuitive part of who we are.
When we do this we are in conflict with all that we are. That is often why ‘standard business coaching’ just doesn’t cut if for you. It is why there is overwhelm and often confusion as to how to build your business and how to be seen as a ‘real’ option for health and wellness.
Connecting with or tapping into, or activating the Source Energy that is part of who we are can create the life and business we desire. 
If you would like to know more, I would love to hear from you.